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At Iconix, Inc., we want to help you find and trust email you care about. That's why we visually identify messages - you can instantly recognize who the message is from and that it's been verified as coming from that sender.

Truemark icons reduce the risk of email fraud by confirming the source of the sender. Here is how the solution works:


When an email arrives, Iconix eMail ID uses industry standard technologies to verify the authenticity of the message. We use technologies like DKIM, Domain Keys and Sender ID which are backed by companies such as Cisco, Microsoft and Yahoo!


The email sender is checked against a list of registered senders with ICONIX, Inc.


Once an email has passed Authentication and Identification steps, a Truemark icon is displayed in your inbox to help you instantly recognize messages and know that they're legitimate.

Click on the thumbnail images below to see larger screen shots of the Iconix® solution in that particular web mail service or email client. To see a list of all supported services and clients click here.

MSN® Hotmail® Windows Live® Yahoo!® Mail Classic Yahoo!® Mail Gmail™
AOL Mail AIM Mail Earthlink® Outlook Express® Outlook®

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