Iconix Truemark Service Visually Distinguishes Email with Favicons

Provides Instant Recognition for 90 Percent of Messages,
Improves Productivity and Engagement

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — September 15, 2009 — ICONIX, Inc., the leading provider of visual email identification solutions, today announced that the Iconix® Truemark® service is now using favicons to visually distinguish email messages in the inbox. This feature improves convenience for the consumer and helps email senders deliver their message more effectively to their customers.

Favicons are small (16x16 pixel) icons that are commonly used by companies to visually identify their website in the browser address bar, browser tab or bookmark list. Most current browsers support use of these icons. Existing users of the Iconix service will automatically see their messages marked with favicons. Based on user feedback, ICONIX estimates that approximately 90 percent of the messages marked by the Iconix service now display either a favicon or company logo to visually distinguish the sender of the message.

"Our users have asked for an easy way not only to identify legitimate messages, but to visually distinguish specific senders, and recent industry studies have highlighted that users consider the 'from' the most important factor in deciding whether to open a message," said Jeff Wilbur, vice-president of marketing at ICONIX. "By marking messages with the sending company's widely-recognized favicon, we achieve the best of both concepts since legitimate messages can be instantly identified by source. Users can find what they want more quickly and senders get better engagement with their customers."

For consumers, the Iconix solution is enabled via a free plug-in that supports more than 90 percent of consumer email volume. The plug-in supports all major email programs, including AOL/AIM webmail, Earthlink, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail as well as Outlook Express, Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. Using industry standard technologies such as Sender ID, DomainKeys and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), the Iconix service verifies messages before highlighting them with an icon in the user's inbox. The service marks messages from more than 1700 companies, including leading retailers, financial institutions, travel, social network, dating and information sites. The plug-in is available at www.iconix.com.

About ICONIX, Inc.
ICONIX, Inc. is the leading provider of trusted email identification solutions. ICONIX provides the industry's first visual eMail ID solution for businesses and consumers. The patented Iconix® solution enables consumers to instantly recognize and find messages from legitimate senders, which proactively combats widespread email based identity theft techniques, such as phishing. The Iconix® Truemark® service is the only standards-based visual authentication solution that works across various email platforms. ICONIX is not necessarily affiliated with any of the senders of email marked by the Iconix service, nor does marking imply that a third party has subscribed to or endorsed the Iconix service. ICONIX displays third party favicons for the purpose of identifying the sender of email for the benefit of recipients of email so that recipients can quickly, easily and accurately identify the source of email. For more information, visit www.iconix.com.

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