ICONIX Joins Microsoft and Other Industry Leaders in Support of the Sender ID Framework

ICONIX Adds Visual Indicator to Sender ID to Make It Easier for Consumers to Identify Legitimate Email

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., — Feb. 21, 2006 — ICONIX, Inc., the trusted email identification company, today announced its support for Sender ID email authentication technology. ICONIX adds a visual icon next to messages that have been authenticated by Sender ID to make it easier for consumers to identify which email messages are safe to open.

With over 2.5 million domains supporting Sender ID, the email authentication standard is being utilized by over 35 percent of all email that is sent today. A recent study by Microsoft and the Email Sender and Provider Coalition (ESPC) found that over 73 percent of Fortune 100 companies are Sender ID compliant for their outbound email marketing, showing a significant adoption among email senders. One challenge is that not all email clients or ISPs currently support authenticated email. ICONIX addresses this issue by providing the missing Sender ID support in a number of email clients such as Yahoo! Mail, EarthLink and others that do not natively support Sender ID today, adding significant value for senders and domain holders who support Sender ID.

"ICONIX is one of the first companies we've seen that supports Sender ID with a focus on the consumer experience," said Craig Spiezle, director of technology care and safety at Microsoft. "Authentication alone is not enough to protect against email scams, and ICONIX is providing an extremely valuable service for consumers."

Email authentication has made significant progress in reducing spam, but it is only the first step in identifying email senders to prevent email scams such as phishing. The Iconix solution supports Sender ID by verifying the originating domain of an email message and adding a second check to ensure that the sender is legitimate. Once a message passes both tests, the Iconix solution adds a gold lock with a green checkmark to the email in-box as a visual indicator that the message is safe to open.

"Sender ID has seen wide adoption by email senders such as Bank of America, eBay, Expedia and Wal-Mart, who understand the importance of email authentication. We provide a unique value on top of this authentication," said Jose Picazo, president and CEO of ICONIX, Inc. "By providing our check-lock icon as a visual indicator on top of Sender ID, we're able to help consumers quickly and easily identify messages that are safe to open. Businesses that are authenticating the email they send also benefit with a higher percentage of consumers opening and responding to the email they send."

ICONIX to Support E-mail Authentication Summit II
ICONIX, Inc. has joined with Microsoft and others to co-sponsor the Email Authentication Summit II, which will be held on April 19 in Chicago. The event is a full-day conference for IT, marketing and business decision makers who want to protect their networks from spam, improve deliverability, restore confidence in e-mail and protect users from phishing exploits. For more information and to register for this event visit http://www.emailauthentication.org/summit2006/

About ICONIX, Inc.
ICONIX, Inc. is the leading innovator in trusted email identification solutions. ICONIX, Inc. provides the industry's first visual eMail ID solution for businesses and consumers. Visual eMail ID enables consumers to quickly identify messages from legitimate senders, which proactively combats widespread email-based identity theft techniques, such as phishing. Iconix eMail ID is the only standards-based visual authentication solution that works across various email platforms. For more information, visit www.iconix.com.

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